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NEW PROJECT: Tengu warriors!

We have started a new commission adventure. It’s about the Tengu Warriors for the Power Rangers. A static figure with which to create a mini army to fight the Rangers. We will be posting news about how the project is progressing. Stay tuned! Buy your Tengu Warrior here!

First of all is getting a nice pose for the figure. And check that that is anatomically correct so that it is stable and realistic.
And we check that it has a good transfer to the geometry. We already have the base!
We are shaping the basic geometry to test volumes
We are adding detail to the geometry
We generate the base texture for the character’s fur
Once we are happy with the model, we apply a slight texture to the entire piece
We add the wings and the odd lock of hair to give more detail to the model
Finished modeling, now we go to the printing tests
First print test, perfectly detailed, just need to improve the stability
Adding a new claw on feet to earn some stability, let’s see the 2nd print test!
The four Tengu warriors are ready to be painted!


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