PROPMASTERS was born from the synergy between two artists dedicated to the design and production of collectibles from many years. From this union a firm was born to give support, in the form of accessories and props to all those collectors who want an exclusive touch in their collections. We are a 3d printer companny from Spain, we ship worldwide.


Rhino is an artist specialized in the production and manufacture of collectible products, especially focused on 80s and 90s movies.


SAMA is the digital part of the tandem. Dioramist and 3D artist in which the bulk of his creations are set in animation series.

¿What we do at PROPMASTERS?

Currently there are countless collectors and dioramists who have acquired a 3D printer. Many STL files circulate on the net, but they are almost always the same and many do not satisfy the needs you may have. From PROPMASTERS we want to offer you the possibility of creating the 3D assets that you always dreamed of. In our Custom page you will see a clear example of what we can achieve with a little imagination and a lot of work.

Contact us

Write us a message to propose that crazy idea that haunts your head and you don’t know how to do it. From PROPMASTERS we will look for a way to give shape to that idea for a spectacular result.

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